Strategic Partners
The Battle of Selma Re-enactment is pleased to announce the participation of Wallace Community College Selma in the Strategic Partnership Program.

Thursday April 21, 2016 & Friday April 22, 2016~ School Days~ This Educational Event is part the Battle of Selma Re-enactment’s Strategic Partnerships Program. This is the 7th year Wallace Community College of Selma has facilitated this 500 to 1,000 student per day hands-on living history event. In addition to the 10 specific Living History stations visited by each of the school tours, there will be cannon Night Firing demonstrations at 7 pm on Friday night and a Camp Dance featuring the music of a period band, in Sulter’s Row with period dance instruction immediately following.

“We will continue to work with the Battle of Selma Re-enactment in the future” Dr. James M. Mitchell, President, Wallace Community College of Selma said to the Kiwanis Club of Selma February 2, 2010.