The Battle of Selma Ball at Sturdivant Hall is a once in a life time event for visitors and re-enactors.

Registered Re-enactors who appear in period dress must have their issued pass.  All Gentlemen must wear coats regardless of age. (See Standards below)


  • Every re-enactor onsite is encouraged to attend the Ball.
  • Period dress ONLY, no exceptions. Soldiers – Dress uniforms preferred. Hats optional. Polished brass, white cotton gloves, etc., are encouraged.
  • ALL WEAPONS PROHIBITED. Do not wear swords, pistols, cartridge boxes, cap pouches, etc.
  • Re-enactors must show Ball Pass issued at entrance.
  • The Jeff Davis Artillery will furnish a Ball Pass/ticket check point just inside the front gate.
  • Non-re-enactors /Civilians – no uniforms, period costumes only. April 1865 Society, Inc. members only.
  • Present card at the door with name of couple PRINTED to have name announced (7-8 PM only).
  • The Jeff Davis Artillery will also receive the Pass/cards from attendees at the front door and our announcer will announce them to the receiving line.
  • Guards at front door will not hesitate to remind men to remove head dress
  • 19th Century manners are encouraged. Imbibing is fine but public intoxication is not for gentlemen. Spittoons will not be provided.
  • Every one should be instructed when they encounter a camera to treat it as a person, curtsy, nod of the head, bow, or ignore.( do not back up, turn away, or flee)
  • Do not drive modern vehicles to campsites after ball. YOU WILL BE TOWED.